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Access to our research posted on this website is offered free of monetary charge at this time and we reserve the right to change that policy. However, we require that each user register and access our website in an ethical and legal manner.

As a user of our website, you agree:

To access our research through our registration and login process using a valid e-mail address;
To use our research for personal, business or research-based investment or economic research purposes;
Not to copy password protected documents on our website, nor to enable third party access to those password protected documents, nor to cooperate with those who copy or enable third party access; and
To accept that the only legal access to our website is through our process for use in the limited purposes stated above.

You understand that this right to access is limited to you, the registrant, and that Piscataqua Research views access or enabling access of our website for ANY other purposes, without our prior knowledge and express approval, as illegal access to our website. We reserve the right to prosecute you for any unapproved accesses and to limit your access to our material.

Piscataqua Research provides no warranties or representations about the quality or value of the research on this website. You use our research at your own risk.

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