Since 1992

Piscataqua Research provides investment consulting services for clients with sizable assets. With a long history of unique and insightful research, our solutions stand the test of time.

Our Dedication

We follow the money to identify fundamental sources of investment performance, asset valuation, and economic growth.

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Following the Rules of Success

Investing is a business. Since we recognize the importance of sensible investing, our recommendations follow a simple set of fundamental rules:

  • Rule #1: Seek to earn money every year.
  • Rule #2: Educate yourself and demand education from those seeking your business.
  • Rule #3: Pay fair fees for the likely returns.
  • Rule #4: Utilize well-known organizations with proven records for team investing and a reputation for providing dependable services at fair prices.

Acting in Your Best Interest

At Piscataqua Research, integrity is at the heart of our approach. Acting solely in the best interest of our clients, we:

  • Accept only fees paid directly to us by clients.
  • Disclose all potential conflicts of interest.
  • Provide consistent access to our research, ensuring transparency in our methodologies and findings.

Join us on a financial journey where experience meets insight and where your long-term financial goals become our shared mission.

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